Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Attack of the Boxheads

"LONG LIVE KING WILBOX !!!" a shout that echoed throughout MOGCHS .
They are preparing for the invasion between plants vs. BOXES
so they put on their boxes for protection...

As the invasion wildly obtained all of the students," it's time to Plant !" said by James.
Us survivors gathered a pack of seedlings for the welfare of humanity, to bring down
the empire of King Wilbox. Me, James, and some students of MOGCHS silently crawled 
under the basement of the school's administration office. We established a base where
we can stay for a couple of weeks... 

Attack of the Boxheads 2nd wave ...

ready, set, PLANT !!!

As the boxheads walk through the quadrangle,
they encountered many obstacles just to reach the stage and spread a disease called "CHICKEN BOX".

be careful, this disease can make u smile until your teeth breaks!


The mission failed as they marched into the cave of secrets, in the cave of secrets you will find remorse and definitely peace and tranquility but for them, these things are the opposite, because they desire chaos and disorder. 
So they gathered to the hall of mysteries to unleashed their final wave as boxheads...

They picked one warrior of every tribe. One of them was Manny Boxman. He was one of the Greatest Boxhead of the world, to the 8th power.

As soon as the sun goes down...

It's up to us to defend our righteous land. :)

(if u wish to live, hide in boxes)

Midnight Trauma

Last night it occurred, while everyone was asleep...

               The noise woke me up. I glared at the clock. It was exactly 12am midnight when I heard a sound, irritating like a crying baby. Quickly, I got up and went to our living room. The lights were all off. It was so dark and cold. My heartbeat was racing up. As I walked into my parents’ room, the noise was just getting louder and louder. It was like something or someone was in there with them. I was very curious, so I opened the door...

               The room was filled with darkness that you would go blind from over exposure to it. I called out for my parents but no one was responding. As I got inside the room, suddenly, the door was closed, leaving me locked inside. Unable to move, I started to thought things up and got really scared of the possibility that ghosts and other scary stuff are real and they are going to scare me to death.

               Closing my eyes seemed the only thing that I could do and pray to God to save me from this hell of a situation I am in.

              I looked up at the ceiling and saw a staircase. It was blurry and there was a white dressed girls with her face covered by her long ebony hair standing by the stairs.

               Then again I closed my eyes, trying to convince myself that the things I saw were not real. When I opened my eyes, the staircase was gone and so as the girl. Feeling relieved, I felt a cold breeze passed through my body. I tried to shout but I did not hear my voice. I fell down on my knees and discovered that something was grasping my left hand. It wore a black cloak and its face was blurry. Its eyes are burning red with its stench that I can't process to stomach. Horrified, I grabbed something and stabbed it to its hand. I got away from it and when I looked back, it was gone.

               The room then turned into a dark cave. As I was searching for a way out, a giant hole sucked me down. I fell into the void to an endless falling situation. Shouting with all of my might...


               I woke up.

               Throat parched and a bit thirsty, I was so relieved that those things were nothing but just mere nightmares. :)